LED Lighting – Tennis

3 tennis courts, 4 poles, competitions standard light quality!

Who ever said you can’t light 3 tennis courts side-by-side with only 4 poles is living in the past.

Our scope of works included:

  • Remove 8 x 2kW metal halide fittings (16kW total)
  • Retrofit 2 x 700w and 1 x 1000w LED fittings per pole (9.6kW total)

Advantages of using LED fittings:

  • No need for new poles or wiring
  • No need for upgrade/changes to switchboard or supply
  • A 6.4kW consumption saving
  • New lighting system averages 465 lux  with 0.67 uniformity – easily accounting for Australian standards for competition play!
  • Client : Orange Ex Services Tennis Club
  • Project Location : Orange, NSW